Dear S: Open Adoption Bloggers Roundtable #39

Heather at Production, Not Reproduction and the fearless leader of the Open Adoption Bloggers list, put out the latest writing prompt. It’s about Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is coming this week in many countries. Last month we took time to write about our thoughts around Mother’s Day; this month we turn to the fathers.

Write to someone else in the adoption constellation (someone specific or a general group). What do you want to say to them on Father’s Day?

This one is for somebody I’ve never written about often, for good reasons. Here goes.

Dear S,

I’m not certain where you are right now, but I hope this finds you well. It’s been over 10 years since the last time we saw you. Things have never been easy for you in your life, especially the past 10 years from what I can gather. I am saddened by that, but I don’t have the power to change that for you.

You have a beautiful daughter. She’s a tween rapidly becoming a teen. Very tall – we guess she’ll be about as tall as your sister. She has your sister’s hair minus the copper color. She looks so much like M too, down to her hands and feet. She shares your interest in science, and she’s starting to read a lot of fantasy and SF books. She’s thoughtful and caring, and loves her friends. You should be proud.

I hope that, if we ever see each other again, that the scars from your past have healed. At least a little. Take care of yourself, guy. It’s not just a saying, you know. Happy Father’s Day.

All Our Love,

Go over to Open Adoption Bloggers and check out much better responses than this one. Happy Father’s Day.

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