Fire, Fire All Around

I talked to my parents this morning, right before their summer trip to visit family in PA. The subject of the fires all around our state came up. It’s hard for it to not be mentioned. It’s all that’s on the news here. All that people talk about at the local grocer’s; usually in worried tones, wondering when the latest conflagration will wind up here. On top of it all, it is hotter than a motherfscker outside. Like over 100F for the 4th day in a row hot.

I mentioned that C & M are very close to one of the fire spots. And…my mother asked if they were staying here. Um, no. It hadn’t even occurred to me to ask, and I’m embarrassed to admit that. Right now, I’m not sure what our relationship is. I know Baby Bat’s family loves her dearly, but I have no illusions any more that extends to the rest of us. But I’m okay with that. BB knows who her mothers are, and that’s really all that matters to me. I have no idea whether or not I would have told them if we had had to leave this past spring.

There was a fire earlier this year; incredibly, unbelievably early, and fairly close to here. In fact, at one point the flames were about 6 miles away and moving toward us. At that point, I packed a couple of bags of papers, pictures, all our medications, pet food and as many of the musical instruments that could fit into the remaining car space. I had it standing by the door for a week. I was so freaked out about it at the time that I tweeted about it before the fire was relatively contained.

I don’t think I told my parents how close the fire was to us. I know I didn’t call C or M. If we had left…I don’t know. It’s all hypothetical at this point, thank goodness, and I hope to hell it stays that way. It’s going to be a long, long summer. But I’m pretty sure I would call our parents.

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