Which Way to Go

As you can see from the sidebar, I’ve joined Studio 30+. It’s a social site for writers who primarily are over 30. Because I’d like to be a writer when I grow up, and…well, you know. One of the things I like about the site is the weekly writing prompt. It’s especially good on days like this. I’d like to write but I’ve got nothing.

This week’s prompt is The Gateway.

This week on S30P, we’re celebrating Gateways – that time when you knew if you went forward, there would be no going back and your life was going to be forever changed. It could be for good or bad (we’re hoping for good!).

Mine certainly turned out different…

I’d been living in NYC for a bit over 2 years. My first girlfriend and I had just broken up (considering she was being investigated by her employer for embezzlement, it wasn’t such a bad thing). I was getting ready to take her place in the apartment she shared with one of her “friends”. My job had just ended and I was getting ready to begin another; my dream job, working in a large used bookstore downtown. The catch was that I had no money left. Once I started, I could borrow a little. Maybe just enough for tokens to get to work and back until my first check. But that job was four days away.

Meantime, my parents had moved south from my grandparents’ farm and wanted me to leave and join them. I didn’t think I was ready to go, but I didn’t have a lot of choice. My choices were: seeing if I could hang on for four more days until my new job began, or move back “home” with my parents. I asked my ex’s roommate, who I was moving in with, what I should do.

“Baby girl, I’m not gonna tell you what to do. But if it was me, and I had family to go to, I’d go.”

The next day, my parents set me up with plane tickets and my would-have-been roommate got me onto the shuttle to the airport.

After that…I quit using drugs (mostly – I still use caffeine every morning), started paying off my student loans with my new job at the electronics department of a (now gone) department store chain, and began meeting people and making friends.

I had the first (only, come to think of it) reasonably healthy relationships in my life. I met my husband and got married there.
Started to think about going back to music and teaching. All that happened later.

But that was when I walked away from one life into another. People do that all the time, all through their lives. Picking a door and walking through and changing everything. This was just one of mine.

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2 Responses to Which Way to Go

  1. Marie says:

    Now THAT is a major gateway in a life! Looks like things totally turned out right for you…

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we find our way, usually when faced with such a huge choice.

    But what amazing stories happen once we walk through those doors.

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