Happy October

I love October. There are some that don’t share my joy, but I doubt that there are many. The days are getting noticeably shorter, the nights are cool bordering on cold and the trees are a riot of color. Well, the trees are a little less exciting this year – I think we might be losing our tree in front to the drought. All the leaves turned brown overnight.

We try to get into Halloween here. Last year I wasn’t feeling like doing a single thing, and just barely up to making a costume. So far we have contact paper silhouettes for the front window, and a tentative plan for our local zombie walk. The walk is early this year. It’ll be this Saturday, with a barbeque for all the3 participants later. Even with the barbeque, I couldn’t talk DadGoth into this. So it’ll just be me and the kid.

This year, Baby Bat wanted to go out as Annabeth from the Percy Jackson book series. I have a Yankees baseball cap on order, but I need to find a plain orange T-shirt and an idea of what she can wear over all that. There’s always a 50-50 or higher chance that it will be cold, snowing, or both by the end of October.

And this year, I’ll be dressing as something other than a zombie. Really.

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