Scary Movie Month: Halloween

I love horror movies. My favorites are the creepy ones, either gory or not, but usually not. I don’t care much for slasher movies in general. Boring after a while, pointless and almost always involving rape. Eh, not for me, thanks.

The only exception is Halloween; the first one, not the Rob Zombie remake. It made me a John Carpenter fan. The first time I saw this, it was at college. On a big screen, with a room full of drunk, stoned students screaming and laughing all through the movie. The second time, also at college, was at a friend’s house. That’s when I really got into this one.

For the three people who have never seen this, it’s a pretty simple plot. Once upon a time, little Mikey Myers stabbed his teenage sister to death. Years later, he escapes from his former home/local psychiatric hospital and returns to his old house. Lots of scenes of teenagers having sex and getting stabbed, Jamie Lee Curtis being scared and Donald Pleasance being his creepy self as Myers’ shrink.

This one, IMO, is not for the kids. Baby Bat won’t be watching this for quite some time. At least not before Night of the Living Dead and some other favorites.

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