Yesterday was Baby Bat’s fall conference. She’ll have another one in the spring (and her teacher invited us to email or phone her if we wanted to talk any other time).

Her teacher is great. Baby Bat loves being in her class, and she seems to be doing well. The only thing that was mentioned is that she’s very quiet in class. Which is…just the way she is. I’d imagine that M was pretty quiet in class as well. She’s pretty reserved with people she doesn’t know well. M is, anyway. Because DadGoth and I are very outgoing and not at all introverted. Yeah. I see you laughing. Shut up.

We also got to meet her new math teacher. This year, the kids are being split up by ability level for math classes, and go to a different class for that subject. Baby Bat loves her math class. She especially loves that some of her friends are in her math class as well. At least they can spend a little more time together that way. Her math teacher is lovely. She’s young, enthusiastic and has been encouraging Baby Bat to speak up more in class, which is almost always good. Almost.

We also had two go-rounds at the book fair, the event that happens conveniently around conference time twice a year. One of Baby Bat’s choices this time was a ghost story. One that looks like a few levels beyond her usual Goosebumps/Horrorland choices, and not due to the reading level. But she did say she wanted to read it during break, in case it was too scary to let her sleep.

Another conference down, and another public thing done.

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