Scary Stories

I love reading. One of my favorite things to read is horror fiction. As an adult it is; when I was a kid, the 4:30 movie during Poe Week was the scariest thing I could handle. Certainly not a scary book.

BabyBat has much different tastes than I did as a kid. She loves Goosebumps, the Bunnicula series, the Inkheart series (which can be kind of scary in its own way), and has been reading a couple of YA ghost story books (thank YOU, book fair).

One of our favorite authors here, and not just the royal we either, is Neil Gaiman. He writes stories. Beautiful, dark, enchanting, and scary stories. All Hallow’s Read is an ancient Halloween tradition that started with one of Mr. Gaiman’s blog posts. Give a scary book to somebody for Halloween. Or tell them a scary story, or write a scary story yourself. BabyBat is toying with the idea of writing something this time, but I think we’ll get her a book anyway.

This year, Neil Gaiman wrote and read a short story for Audible. Click-Clack the Rattlebag is wonderful (link goes to the download page). It’s free until Oct. 31, and Audible will donate $1 to for every download from their site. I’d tell you more about the story, but I’d spoil it for you. But I enjoyed it. Go check it out.

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