Quiet Time

For the past 3 days now, I’ve been a Single Lonely Loser parent. Baby Bat certainly hasn’t minded; she gets to eat meatless without too much of a fight, save for the “new veggies are EVIL AND WRONG! NOOOOO!” thing, and she gets to read in bed with Mom.

I’m actually enjoying having some time alone. The whole “Lonely Loser” is inaccurate. I’m pretty happy being by myself when I need to be, and I haven’t run out of things to do quite yet. Right now I’m working on one project that is 2/3 finished, one project that is both ongoing and pretty important to me, and thank you letters. I have yet to resort to the TV/Netflix during the day. Internet radio’s pretty amazing right now, and I can crank my Davis as loud as I want. If I wasn’t physically miserable (thank YOU, shark week) things would be much better.

Hard to believe that a year ago I was waiting for my parents to get here and going into a full-blown panic over surgery.

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