End of the Year

Today is A’s last day of school for the summer. She’ll have to go back in August, but slightly later than usual. Which is nice, because it allows us a chance for some trips this year rather than just staying home.

I’m a little apprehensive about next year, and not just because it’s her last one at this school. There are some serious changes going on at our district, some of which have made national news (and I’m not linking to on purpose; if you know me, leave a comment and I’ll send you all the info I have). They aren’t changes for the better, either. Armed guards roaming the halls (so heartening to see the lessons learned at Columbine), teachers leaving for less money in some cases, etc. Lots of change, but we’ll see whether or not the changes are for the better. It may be too late by that time to change things back, but oh well.

Almost every teacher that A’s had over the past 6 years has been outstanding, and have really helped her to become a great student and more confident person. It hurts to know that some of them won’t be here any more. Things are not as dire at our school as at some others, but I’m still uneasy. I’m not the most outgoing person, and not a “joiner”, exactly, but our family does love our little neighborhood school. It would be…unfortunate if it were to go away for the sake of making things different and shiny new.

Hooray for summer, and our collective fingers crossed for the fall.

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  1. Armed guards in the halls? Scary times!

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