So Much to Say

So little ambition to say all of it. Or something.

In the time since I’ve written last, lots has happened. A became a 6th grader – her last year at our neighborhood elementary school started at the beginning of last month. It doesn’t seem possible. She’s also become a teenager in body and mind, if not in chronology. Lots of moodiness. Although now it’s predictable moodiness. She’s also discovered a talent for computer graphics, which means she has to be pried away from the computer during waking hours. Not a bad thing, exactly, but it’s a thing.

Dad is…doing. That’s about all I can say for the moment. For people who know me, that’s all that needs to be said. So I’ll let that one go.

This year, we’re busily collecting frequent flyer miles and saving our pennies for a 6th grade “graduation” surprise involving a certain Florida amusement park. Not the one you’re thinking of, either, unless you know the recipient very well.

Some of us went on vacation this month to the East Coast, and some of us had a vacation here at home (even though I did work, so handy excuse there). It went well, I think. The only thing that made me a little nervous was A staying with her cousins the entire time. The whole idea of the trip was for her to get to know them better, so I guess that was easier.

And in the world…Same-sex marriage is legal in CA and people in the military who are already married now have access to the same benefits no matter who their spouses are, so that’s good. Baby steps is all we get in the US, I suppose. We survived one fire scare here in the Middle of Nowhere, and are holding our breaths for the next one.

My depression had the upper hand for a while there near the beginning of the month, but seems better right now. Today.

So that’s it, I guess. I’ll try not to be so wordy the next time, but no promises.

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