October Surprises

It’s my very favorite month that’s not my birthday month. Hooray October! It’s like Christmas minus the religious nonsense and heavy commercialism.

This year, A’s finally old enough to watch some of the old Universal horror movies and actually be interested enough to watch to the end. I tried Frankenstein a couple of years ago and she quickly got bored. She’s still not convinced that Black + White = a real movie. Maybe Creature from the Black Lagoon, another one of my favorites.

I think we have a Halloween costume idea as well. A saw a costume online and wants one just like it. I like the idea of using a bedsheet to make a chiton (she’s wanting to be Artemis), but she’s insisting on sleeves. Even after telling her it won’t matter if there are sleeves or not if she has to wear a parka on top, it needs sleeves. Because of course it does.

We’ve had our first hard freeze, and now the tomato plants are all dead. The mint is still alive, as is one of the basil plants and one of the chile plants. I’ve heard over the years that chiles are perennials, as long as you can keep the plants alive. So I’m experimenting this year with bringing in a jalapeño plant to overwinter in the kitchen.

It’s autumn here, mostly. The season in the Western Hemisphere when lots of plants set seed, freeze and die. There’s a reason why some cultures consider this the end of the year. It really does feel like the end of a year, more than an arbitrary day just past midwinter has ever felt.

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  1. StephLove says:

    Happy October to you. In Maryland our herbs and tomato plants are still alive but I don’t expect any of the green tomatoes to ripen– I’m just hoping they get big enough for fried green tomatoes.

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