Band Gala

Our area Band Gala was last night. It’s a concert with all the elementary schools that have an instrumental music program, the Jr. HighMiddle School band and at least one of the High School bands. Last year, it was their wind ensemble and marching band. This year, it was wind ensemble and their upper level jazz band.

This is A’s second year at the band gala. Last year, she and another bandmate from their school became friends with a clarinet player from another school. I didn’t see her there this year, but A looked a little…lost compared to last year. Not sure why that was, but anyway.

The bands were great. It’s always tough for the elementary bands, as they don’t get much time to practice together. Plus they have to adjust to at least two new directors in the space of one 45 minute rehearsal. But the kids did well. The Jr. Highmiddle school band has a little bit of a handicap in that new musicians are allowed to play. Our district is just now beginning to have more instrumental programs, and that’s one consequence of not having the kids begin in 4th grade. They make up for that by having band or orchestra as a regular 5-hour-per-week class rather than once a week either before or after school. Their band also sounded great.

A was very impressed with the jazz band. They opened the concert and sounded great. I wish there had been an alto sax solo during “Birdland”, but that’s just me. There was a pretty amazing drum kit solo at the end of a Buddy Rich piece that more than made up for it. I think jazz band is something A is looking forward to now that she’s heard what they can do.

And next year, she’ll be in another band, in another school. I hope she loves it then as much as she does now.

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