It’s December Already?

Fsck me. Where did the year go?

I decided I’d try NaBloPoMo again this month. Because it went so well last month on my other blog. /insert eyeroll here

This month, the theme is “more and less”. What do you want more of in the new year, and what can you do without.

The “less” is pretty easy this year. Less drama, all the way around.

The drama has lessened considerably in A’s first family and things are feeling…more normal, I think. So that is something I want more in the next year, certainly.

Our family drama, on the other hand…The only thing I can really talk about without getting into trouble is my mother’s physical health. Last month, she was diagnosed with what appears to be Stage 1 breast cancer that hadn’t yet progressed to the lymph nodes and was confined to one breast. So she had a mastectomy on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. She went home Thanksgiving evening and sounded a little groggy (well, maybe a little doesn’t describe it quite so well). By the weekend, she sounded like her old self. In two weeks she gets to find out just how much drama is remaining in this whole thing. Hopefully it won’t be much.

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