February’s almost gone

February is usually pretty busy here. The weather can vary widely; from almost 70F temperatures to a blizzard, we’ve seen it all here and then some. It certainly has been that way this month. A and a couple of her friends have a birthday this month. They’re all turning (or are about to turn) 12 this year.

There have been so many changes. I’m hesitant to write about what’s happening with A, as she’s old enough to get her own blog and tell her own story. Which she’d do very well – she and her first mother are terrific writers. Even A’s class assignments are fun to read (in a good way). Suffice it to say things are not easy here. They’re getting less easy by the day.

We had a great visit this weekend, though. Spent some time visiting and some time at a video arcade. A still has a great time doing things like that with us. I have no illusions that will last for long. But I want to enjoy all that now.

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