Long Time Coming – and a Long Way to Go

Once upon a time, I almost married a woman.  Not when that was any more than a symbolic ceremony, or even a distant dream.  Things didn’t work out for us, and I wound up marrying a man, almost 27 years ago now.  As of today, my ex can now marry her long-time sweetheart, officially, and have that marriage recognized everywhere.  That, frankly, is awesome.  It’s a really good day.

There will be better days coming.  One day, in every state, people won’t be afraid to put a picture of their same-sex spouse on their desk (and risk possibly losing their job or rental apartment – yes, that is legal in some states).  One day, people won’t have to worry about coming out as trans* and risking many other things, including their lives.  One day, being on the LGBTQ spectrum won’t matter; in my opinion, that’s the way it should be in every state in America.  But it’s not that way today.

This fight is not over.  Let’s not pretend that it is.  I’ve got a lot of other feelings on this subject, but this is justthisside of turning into a giant, incoherent rant.  Celebrating today is great.  About damn time, too.  But let’s not give up fighting for more again tomorrow.

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