What I Did Today

Hey. It’s been a while, I know. There’s not been much to write about lately; I’ve been finishing school, took two exams for professional certification in a field that’s a 180 flip from where I have been, and have been hunting for a job.

(I did get one, and it lasted about a week. So I’m out looking again.)

There have been a couple of possibilities, including one that’s the sort of work I’d like to eventually do in an environment where I’d like to be for at least the next 15 years or so. Today I went for a volunteer interview.

It’s a dream job for a well-respected clinic, and it might lead to better things if I can be patient and work hard. The interview was the hardest I’ve had yet.

The building was on the opposite side of town, in an area I’ve only been to once. When I finally found the building, my next challenge was to find the entrance. It’s deliberately hard to find. I finally recognized it by the placards lining the 10 foot high iron fence. Can’t recall the exact words, but I know I was relieved that there weren’t people next to those cards. Yet.

The interview was pretty straightforward. A group interview, with a wide variety of fellow volunteers; everybody from a vet school student to a retiree to a couple of other people beginning new careers. Except for the retiree, they were all younger than me. We talked about why we wanted to volunteer, how we could be of use to the clinics, and what jobs we could see ourselves doing.

I had a bit of bad news about the clinic where I’d prefer to work, but I am a patient person and I don’t mind waiting a few more weeks or so to start. Then we left to go home.

On the way out, I heard a voice from across the cedar-lined fence. “What a shame. It’s a death camp in there.” No, girl, they said non-engagement. You can’t say what you feel. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, someone with pamphlets in his hands tried to walk in front of the car. He stepped aside once it became apparent I wasn’t stopping and I really wasn’t in the mood for a game of chicken.

I took the long way home instead of heading for the highway. It was good to have some time to think about what happened. The streets became familiar the further away I drove.

This is something I want to do. It’s important. Even with my limited range of skills, I could still help somebody. Plus it’s experience, which is desperately lacking in my resume. We’ll see what happens.


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