An Open Letter to Cam Newton

This is in response to seeing Cam Newton’s disappointment and hurt over losing in yesterday’s Super Bowl. For the record, I am a fan of both teams and it was still hard to watch.

Dear Mr. Newton,

First off, I’m really sorry about the way the game turned out. The Panthers have the #1 offense in the NFL (still, as far as I’m concerned). You did, however, meet the #1 defense who made 52 sacks in the regular season this year. Defenses, as they say, win championships. That was not your fault.

I know it hurts when everybody expects your team to win, and they don’t. If you get to speak to Peyton Manning again before he retires (and I expect him to announce that sometime in the next couple of weeks), ask him how he felt when they played the Seattle Seahawks two years ago. Lots of fans here like to pretend that game didn’t happen. The Broncos were expected to win, but they didn’t. They didn’t by a lot. Manning was fairly well humiliated in that game by the Seahawk defense. Sound familiar? And yes, that was the team you crushed on your way to the Super Bowl. For both a Panthers and a Broncos fan, that was spectacular to watch.

It’s easy to be gracious in victory, but not so much in defeat. Especially when there are so many people seemingly gloating over your loss. Yeah, I saw the press conference too, and I understand why you left. From what I remember, Manning had a hell of a time being gracious when the Broncos had the crap beaten out of them in SB48. But he did. Certainly, he had much more experience having to suck it up and be polite after a loss.

Lastly, I hope you get used to the SuperBowlWeek Circus, because you will be back. Probably sooner than later.

See you at Super Bowl 51,


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