What a difference a lot of years make

We’ve been a family for a good long while now. It doesn’t really seem like that long, but a look at A says otherwise. She looks more grownup than she really is. She thinks she’s more grownup than she is, but you know. Teenagers.

For a long time, we never heard from A’s other mother on her birthday. Understandable, to be sure. The reasons why aren’t for me to find out. Anyway.

This year was different.

M had just moved into a new place with a new, better job that she had just started. We went to visit and dropped A off for the afternoon. They were going to the movies and to hang out. K and I went home.

We didn’t do much. Stopped at a sub shop to pick up lunch, drove a little slower than normal and marvel at how much the area had changed since we moved there a long time ago. We didn’t really talk about what we were thinking, but we both knew everything would be okay. A was, after all, spending the afternoon with her other mom.

A and M said they had a great time. M gave her a couple of books to “borrow” and read later. We all said goodbye and left.

A long time ago, we became a family. I always wanted to have a family of my own, and that family became bigger and more…weird isn’t the word I want, but different. Yes, different. Despite what certain politicians would like us all to believe, different is pretty damn good.



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