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Remember the Fallen 2016

I’m not sure what I want to write today. I want to write something, for the practice if nothing else. But I’m gonna start anyway. This is Memorial Day weekend here in the US. This is one of two days … Continue reading

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You

It’s true. 5 years ago I was recovering from spinal surgery and didn’t think I’d ever play flute again. I used to be…okay. Not the greatest, but good enough to teach and work with some pretty more-than-okay students. At one … Continue reading

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Band Night

Yesterday was A’s last middle school band concert ever. It was also her band director’s last middle school band concert ever – she’s retiring at the end of the year, which is next week. It was something. It started when … Continue reading

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Lasts and Firsts

This week is the beginning of A’s Last Times in Middle School. Yesterday she had the first of her two last concerts. It went well, a joint concert with the school orchestra and chorus. The band played with the orchestra … Continue reading

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Mothers Day 2016

As a warning: the following post is a bit sweary and drops an F-bomb or two. Not bad, but only fair to warn you as it’s not the norm here. So. Today is my obligatory “Mothers Day” post. I haven’t … Continue reading

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