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Sometimes, Good Wins

Good can mean a lot of different things. In this case, “good” means “good for women’s reproductive health and the right to make decisions for themselves”. In a 5-3 decision this morning, the US Supreme Court struck down a Texas … Continue reading

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A Long Weekend

Any of you who have read this blog more than once know that I am an adoptive parent. So, not a real mother; hence the name of this blog. A’s first mother, M, has had a tough time of it … Continue reading

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History was Made Yesterday

Last night, Hillary Clinton won enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. It was a historic moment; the first woman to win the nomination for President, ever. I’m a cisbi woman. I should be … Continue reading

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Some Lives are More Important than Others

TW: Contains descriptions of drugging and rape. There may also be some NSFW language. For the past couple of days, I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to write about this. On the one hand, a crime like this, and … Continue reading

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