Love and Rockets is Back

To be clear, Love and Rockets never really went away. Also to be clear, I’m not talking about the band either. I adore them, and I’ll always be a David J fan, but this is not about them.

Love and Rockets is an ongoing comic series, written and illustrated by Los Bros Hernandez (Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario). It’s been a thing since the early ’80s. It’s my favorite modern-ish comic (modern = written after I became a nominal adult).

The comic features a young Hispanic lesbian couple in some of their stories. The other stories are about Luchadoras, which are also awesome stories but didn’t resonate with me, a white girl from NJ, in the same way. In 1985, when I first saw L&R, it was a mind-blower. A real story about young women in love. I fell fard for it. Many, many, many years later, I’m still a fan.

Today I saw that Fantagraphics, their publisher, is going to be putting out regular L&R magazines again. At last, after the nightmare of this past political week, a ray of brilliant warm sunshine. Getcha some.

If you like graphic works at all, might I suggest taking a look around the Fantagraphics site? I’m pretty confident there’s something for almost everybody over there.

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