About This Blog

I’m a married adoptive mom who blogs about parenting, politics (especially in election years), monster movies, zombies, occasionally about religion and/or the lack thereof, zombie movies, and pretty much whatever springs into my easily-distracted head. Did I mention zombies? I hope so.

I should also say that I swear. Like a Marine with Tourette’s syndrome. When I remember, I change the spelling of certain, um, problematic words that might wind up in a search engine (which will, I assure you, be forwarded to the US Department of Justice), but not always. You have been officially warned.

And in case you were wondering, a guide to the folks in here:

Evil Mum – just who you think. 😛
Evil Dad – my husband.
School Girl – our daughter.
M – School Girl’s original mother; birthmother (as we call her here at home), first mother, other mother, whatever.
S – School Girl’s original father; see above for other qualifiers of choice.
C&J – M’s parents, and School Girl’s original grandparents…
Other people come and go and are explained at different times in different ways.