Mommy's Rules of Conduct

Rule #1: Be polite. If saying the same thing that you’re thinking of writing will get you a trip to the emergency room in the “real world”, don’t.

Rule #2: Different points of view are accepted and even encouraged here. However, when in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

Rule #3: Don’t be an asshole. Your charming and gracious blogmistress is the sole arbiter of assholeness. There is no discussion or debate. Assholes will have their IP adresses blocked from commenting and their comments deleted, not necessarily in that order. Remember, when in doubt, always refer to Rule #1.

Rule #4: Constructive criticism is always welcomed and encouraged. Constructive, in this context, is more easily explained by what it is not: It is not name-calling (you’re wrong because you’re a boogerhead), it is not personal attacks (you’re a boogerhead and you sell crack on the street), and it is not deliberate trolling (“I saw you eating boogers last night, boogerhead.” Really? From 2000 miles away? How brilliant of you. Wait right here while I delete your comment, m’kay?) You know – constructive criticism. When in doubt, well, you know.

That concludes the reading of the rules. Have a happy visit, and come back soon.

PS: One more word about comments…I usually always write at least a little something in response to commenters, with one exception. If the post is either protected (ie. Big Girl will have the post saved for her) or in any way deeply personal, I will respond by email. My email is a little odd, and is blocked all together by a couple of big ISPs. So if you’ve commented before and I haven’t responded, check your bulk email file. It’s probably there.