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Friday the 13th! W00t!

In case I haven’t said it yet, I really, really like Friday the 13ths. Ever since I heard a story about the origins of Friday the 13th, I’ve been a fan. It’s also changed the way I look at superstitions. … Continue reading

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It’s December Already?

Fsck me. Where did the year go? I decided I’d try NaBloPoMo again this month. Because it went so well last month on my other blog. /insert eyeroll here This month, the theme is “more and less”. What do you … Continue reading

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Disaster Robots

Yesterday we went to a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) tournament. It’s close to where C and M both live, so we invited them to watch. The kids on the team had been working pretty hard since the beginning of the … Continue reading

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Politics in the Schools

I started this entry right before our elections this past Tuesday. It’s now Friday, and the results are finally conclusive. One of the conclusions we can draw from this year’s “off-year” elections is that people don’t like taxes. They most … Continue reading

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Band Gala

Our area Band Gala was last night. It’s a concert with all the elementary schools that have an instrumental music program, the Jr. HighMiddle School band and at least one of the High School bands. Last year, it was their … Continue reading

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What I’d Do Differently

With this being National Adoption Month, I’ve been thinking about our adoption lately. I think about it all the time, surprisingly, but it gets a lot of my attention every November, February and April for reasons only obvious to our … Continue reading

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It’s Adoption Month

As I said yesterday, November is National Adoption Month.  The whole idea of NAM is to celebrate and promote adoptions from foster care.  Somehow, it’s been stretched to include all adoptions.  Every agency in our state that I know of … Continue reading

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